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 When we started in the wetsuit business doing repairs years ago, the wetsuit manufacturers were making their products here in the U.S. and made  a pretty good wetsuit. They rarely failed in construction or  workmanship. Then around 1995 most of the big guy's moved to Asia, that's when we started seeing a tremendous increase in the repairs coming in to our repair facility.  It had quadrupled.  The water sport business was booming and suppliers needed a way to mass produce their products so they moved offshore to Asia and started the cookie cutter process in super large quantities.  This begun the high failure rate that we see today.  When you make cookie cutter wetsuits in mass quantities you will always have variations in quality that comes out, some runs are good.....some are not so good.  When your only concerned with speed and bottom line something is going to be missing to the equation:   INTEGRITY

Now, almost all the suits in the world are made in the same factory in Thailand, or China. We fix the same things over and over on all the brands that come from overseas.  I would point them out, but I can't let the cat out of the bag, and help them with their cookie cutters.


Here at Coral Reef  our #1 goal is to make a high quality product that lasts and lasts. It cost way more to produce but we make that back with customer loyalty.  With a 99.9 % customer satisfaction and with a non existent failure rate, our first concern  is to build the best product possible, at the very best price and the rest will follow.  We personally inspect every suit by hand that goes out to make sure that each wetsuit meets all the Coral Reef  requirements for a quality product proud enough to display our  MADE IN USA logo and tag that appears on our wetsuits.  We always put  pride, integrity, and value in all our Coral Reef Products. 

We thank all our customers over the years that have come back again and again with their children,  and their children's children.  We see three to four generations,  it's such a stoke to be part of their life and their water experience.
 It's been a great pleasure to serve all our customers and friends for all these years and many more years to come.

Much Mahalo to ALL of you for making this possible! 

The Jones Family






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